#Made in Sa Boet

SA Polyhammers

Polyhammer was established in 2013 by the current business owner Dean Fegen. The Polyhammer brand is all about innovation, local production and community.

Polyhammer has generated a Polyhammerlarge distribution network in South Africa through partnerships with large companies such as Bearing Man Group (www.bmgworld.net), Toolquip and Allied (toolquip.co.za) and many others. Polyham

mer can even be found in some parts in New Zealand.

It all started when entrepreneur and visionary, Dean Fegen designed an innovative hammer that would solve the conventional issues that many mining, industrial and agricultural companies were facing when using copper hammers. Dean decided that he was going to grow the Polyhammer brand in a way that promotes skills development, innovation, growth and community.

Polyhammer holds skills development in the highest regard as it gives employees the tools to grow as individuals, develop their skill set and progress in their career choice. We wish to show entrepreneurs that they too can turn their visions into reality.

Our mission as the Polyhammer brand is to manufacture Polyhammers in South Africa and create a distribution network that will improve distribution on a larger scale and help to create jobs for those who wish to grow their skill set and better themselves whilst strengthening the local communities through various social projects.

Our vision is to build a brand that inspires entrepreneurs to pursue their own business ventures which will in turn help to create jobs in the community and grow the local economy.

Polyhammer is and always will be #MadeinSA #Boet.

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6 Van Der Bijl street,

Alrode South



Tel: 071 482 0051